How identity theft affects adults, children and seniors

Bridge the gap between the CISO and the employees with BISO (Business Information Officer). Find out how a BISO assists with communicating the importance of cybersecurity within an organization.

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Dana Mantilia


Identity Protection Planning

Most organizations hold the IT department responsible for educating the non-technical and clerical staff. They typically result in once a year training program that the employees dread.

For years cyber security has become a bigger and bigger problem. Companies continue to throw more and more money at the problem and nothing is improving

Dana takes a completely different approach. She teaches employees how to protect themselves, their families and their homes. This brings cyber security awareness to the forefront of those employees hought process. The employees then bring cyber security awareness to work. This helps to create a culture within the organization where everyone is proactively thinking about how they can protect the company in addition to themselves and their families.

She speaks to people in layman's terms so that everyone can comprehend, digest and retain the information to better protect against ID theft and cyber crimes.