DevSecOps: Securing your CI/CD process

Join Dmitry Raidman at HexCon21 as he talks about the evolution of DevSecOps in modern organizations and how it ties to application security in today’s world.

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Dmitry Raidman



Dmitry works over 20 years in various cybersecurity and engineering sectors. His love of technology and innovation helped him to identify the industry gap in IoT security while managing the Product Security at FLIR.

As a result, he co-founded @Cybeats in 2015 to detect and fix security design flaws early in mission-critical connected devices, and protect them against malicious attacks while operational.

One of his early predictions was when he identified the beginning of the DevOps revolution in 2009 and practiced the craft of shifting left since then evangelizing this culture, helping to establish and transform many known organizations to this innovative path.

Recently Dmitry co-founded the @Security Architecture Podcast, endorsed by multiple cybersecurity industry influencers and professionals, and global security vendors.

Dmitry is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Cybeats based out of Toronto, Canada. And he does innovative work in the space of software transparency, software supply chain, and SBOM applications to security of connected devices.

Dmitry predicts Product Security becoming a major cultural shift in the way tech organizations operate similar to DevOps one that started back in 2008.