Cybersecurity automation: Automating the full spectrum

How does one automate the complete security spectrum? Roderick Kaleho helps us analyze the common problems in security and how we can find its solutions.

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Roderick Kaleho

Cyber Security Consultant


Roderick Kaleho has 20+ years of experience in the IT field with focus on information and cyber security for the last 16. He is passionate about integration, analytics, and automation. His experience extends across Banking/Financial Services and Insurance, Retail, Product, Telecommunications, Government/DoD, Consulting Services, and Agriculture & Manufacturing. He holds a master’s in Information Assurance and several security and enterprise governance certifications. As Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance not only for organizations, but for society, the historical trend is concerning. Roderick is leveraging automation, analytics, visualization, and curated context as a force multiplier to counter ever increasing threats and mature the industry for a safe and secure future.