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Don’t miss out on any signs of a bully in your organization. Tammy Dunnett lets you in on the signs and symptoms of workplace bullies and how you can solve this issue.

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Tammy Dunnett


Relationship Revolution

Tammy is an Ex Target of workplace bullying who is changing the way relationship is done, one conversation at a time. As a result of her own personal experience with a workplace bully, Tammy recognized that the medical model (medications, stress leave, and counselling) combined with the organizational model of “remediation” left a gap in solving the interpersonal problems.

Through her Masters of a Nursing Studies Tammy explored the dynamics of workplace bullying and integrated her research and knowledge into the classroom where she was teaching communication skills to new nurses. Her work focused on addressing the interpersonal gap and helps people at all levels handle difficult conversations while keeping the relationship intact so people can reclaim their reputation, put their careers back on track, and get back to living a peaceful and productive life.,