Project Portfolio Management Dashboard

Monitor projects in your entire project portfolio from one place. View project stats and key metrics at a glance or drill down
into specific data. Relevant information is always right in front of you so you won't miss a thing.
project portfolio dashboard

Project Manager's Dashboard

The PM Dashboard provides easy access to relevant stats on your project. Interactive widgets help you
keep track of milestones and due dates. Activity feed keeps you updated with the recent stream of activity around your projects.
a project managers dashboard
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Plan your projects to the core

No more hazy deadlines or postponed tasks. Plan your projects well and get things done faster.
Schedule tasks and milestones for your team so your users stay accountable and projects stay strong.
 project planning stayahead

Manage users with ease

Find all the registered users in one place. Filter users,change privileges,and assign various roles easily.
project planning user role management
Discover a new, smarter way to work

Manage tasks seamlessly

Simplify your projects by organizing your tasks and putting the right person for the right job.
Prioritize tasks and set due dates without a hitch.
Manage project tasks effectively

Break down complex tasks

Split complex tasks into smaller, easily manageable sub-tasks
and share with your team or assign to specific users.
 a project tasks breakdown into subtasks
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Track project progress

Use milestones to measure your progress throughout the project life cycle. Prompt notifications
help you know where you stand with respect to your milestones.
 a project milestone management

Work smarter

Milestones are a great way to structure your projects. Create milestones and due dates on the inbuilt
calendar to help your team work efficiently and stay on track.
a project milestone creation
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Know your dates

Track your progress visually and stay ahead of due dates. Project specific calendar view lets you keep
track of all your tasks schedules, milestones and due dates in a particular project.
project duedate calendar

Organize work effectively

Organizing your work is a breeze when you can monitor visually. Global calendar view puts
all your tasks and milestones in perspective so you can plan your work accordingly. Role based calendar
view ensure users only see the tasks they are liable for.
project interactive calendar

Interactive calendar elements

One-click add task lets you create task on any date and assign to users. Easily drag and drop
tasks on calendar to change dates or modify duration.
project organize work calendar
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All your discussions in one place

All your project discussions stay organized within each project. Now you can keep everyone on the
same page and track all communication within the team.
 effective project communication

Let your teamwork show

Make your projects come alive with conversations. Allow team members to discuss and reflect
on their projects. Real-time alerts ensure you won't miss any important discussions.
a project discussion
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Be informed. Always

Always stay in control of your projects. Smart notifications will bring you critical updates about your
projects and process in real-time.
project notification emails

Go ahead, catch a break

You don't always have to be at the edge of your seats. Timely alerts and reminders make sure you can pick up from
where you left off.
email notification
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