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Provision secure kiosks in minutes

Hexnode mobile kiosk browser

Multiple lockdown modes

Set up kiosk lockdown with a single app in action or multiple apps to select from a page with a customized user interface.

Web-based kiosk lockdown

A web page as a web kiosk lockdown, disabling access to all others, including other web pages which is linked with the page.

Control peripheral function

Remotely adjust device volume and screen brightness and disallow access to WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight and other peripheral functions.

Android kiosk browser

Enables multi-tabbed browsing in kiosk lockdown mode. And, whitelist or blacklist unnecessary web pages to restrict access to them.

Hexnode mobile kiosk software

Enterprise app store

Deploy an app store with custom apps on your kiosk lockdown enabled device. Make sure the only apps installed is from this store, and silently.

Custom branding

Customize your kiosk device by hiding apps that are no longer needed, using a custom wallpaper for the home screen or displaying custom images or videos as a screensaver.

Remote security actions

Shut down or restart a device over-the-air. Locking a lost/stolen device or wipe its data remotely prevents data leakage.

Mobile Expense Mgmt

Manage your expenses by setting data limits, viewing usage statistics and blocking device from connecting to the corporate network.

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With our new tool, find out how our easy-to-use Android kiosk solution can save you a fortune with top-of-the-line capabilities.

Turning iOS devices into single-purpose kiosks

Learn about how iOS Kiosk Mode locks down your iOS device into a single app or set of apps. Click on the link to find out more.

A sit-down with experts on locking your devices into business kiosks

Join us for an insightful session on the need for business kiosks and how Hexnode UEM managed your entire kiosk fleet from a single console.

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How UEMs helped businesses adopt digital kiosk

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