MDM Web Filtering

Regulate web-access on all your devices

Website Blacklisting Website Blacklisting

Website Blacklisting

Provision internet-enabled devices without worrying about device or data security. Block access to URLs that are dangerous with Hexnode’s website blacklisting. Ensure optimal user productivity by blocking all potentially distracting websites.

Website Whitelisting Website Whitelisting

Website Whitelisting

Take a step further with website whitelisting. Blacklisting requires constant updates and checks for new vulnerabilities. Website whitelisting provides a more restrictive alternative. Limit user access to a handful of secure and useful websites and block access to all others.

Website Kiosk Lockdown Website Kiosk Lockdown

Website Kiosk Lockdown

Lockdown corporate Android and iOS devices into website kiosks. Convert your devices into self-service kiosks locked down into a single website or create browsing kiosks locked into a set of websites/web apps. The user would not have access to any other apps or settings on the kiosks.


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