Hexnode secures your digital environment

  • Define enterprise standard password rules.
  • Configure system and application level encryptions like BitLocker and FileVault.
  • Create secure internet browsing ecosystems with web content filtering and website kiosks.
  • Data handling and infrastructure security follow GDPR and SOC 2 standards.
  • Access expert prepared compliance checklists.

Comprehensive Security

An intelligent security suite that adapts to the needs of the modern workspace. With Hexnode, the enterprise can support granular management capabilities over every aspect of device management.

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  • Managed open-in policies that prevent managed content and application from being opened from unmanaged sources.
  • Restrict transfer of data from a managed device through USB, Bluetooth and tethering.
  • Channel data through managed corporate Wi-Fi and VPNs to minimize threats caused due to data interception.
  • Enforce copy/paste restriction to prevent data leakage into unmanaged applications.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Hexnode helps the enterprise establish policies related to data security that seek to mitigate inadvertent data loss. The IT administrator can ensure that sensitive data is bound within the safety of corporate devices.

Containerization based work profiles Containerization based work profiles

Containerization based work profiles

Create a dedicated space for work related applications, documents and other data. Enforce separate container password and open-in policies to restrict access through unmanaged sources.

Application and Content Security Application and Content Security

Application and Content Security

With Hexnode the enterprise unlocks a suite of security features and functionalities that empowers its workforce with ready access to applications and content; skyrocket productivity without hindering security.


More productivity using a UEM and less work for IT adds up to huge savings for your enterprise

Device Theft Prevention

  • On the device level, Hexnode keeps track of system parameters, OS versions, security updates and privilege escalations such as jailbreak or rooting.
  • On the network level, the admin can configure corporate Wi-Fi and VPN settings to avoid connections to malicious networks.
  • On the application level, the admin can easily keep track of installed applications and identify applications that are not safe.

Threat Management

Multi-level threat monitoring, detection and protection based on a zero-trust approach. Constantly validate device integrity and compliance with management policies.

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Keeping it confidential: DLP in the enterprise

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