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MDM for Schools

The new phase of education with technology

Enhanced learning experience with Hexnode UEM Enhanced learning experience with Hexnode UEM

Enhanced learning experience with Hexnode UEM

Introducing e-learning in schools has been a major revolution in the education field. Providing students with individual or shared tablets has made learning experience more live and efficient. Equipping teachers and students with appropriate educational apps and materials have become easy with the implementation of Mobile Device Management suites like Hexnode UEM.

Mobile devices for learning

Hands-free onboarding

The whole device fleet are enrolled over the air without personal handling of devices by the IT team. Bulk deployment programs offered by different vendors are supported in Hexnode UEM such as Apple DEP, Apple School Manager, G Suite etc.

Single console operation

Every device model, may it be Android, iOS, macOS, Windows or tvOS, can be managed in the single portal making the process simple and elegant. Thus, the school only needs Hexnode UEM to manage the whole device fleet.

MDM in schools

Classroom specific configurations

School Wi-Fi, Student Email, VPN etc. can be configured earlier in a single policy. App groups or app catalogs can be created based on school grade, subject etc. These settings can be then assigned to device groups in a single step making the devices ready to work all at once.

Integration with education programs

Education device management programs such as Apple School Manager, G Suite education etc. are integrated with Hexnode. By adding Hexnode as the default MDM server with these education programs, schools can automate device enrollment and have additional controls.

Tablets for learning

Device lockdown

Focusing the student’s attention to the task at hand when learning with mobile devices can be achieved by converting the devices into kiosks. Single or multiple apps or websites can be made to work in the forefront, blocking access to any other device functions.

File management and containerization

Study materials such as PDFs, PPTs, videos or audios can be delivered to student devices without any assistance from the user. Files can also be removed from the device. School and personal apps and data can be separated by the means of containers.

MDM for school mobility

Student and faculty device and data security

The school deployed devices are secured with several settings. Starting from password configuration, the devices can be wiped, locked, shut down, tracked and scanned remotely from the portal. Remote view and remote-control options are also available in the portal.

Device restrictions for better control

A vast restriction set is available in Hexnode UEM based on OS platforms. The restrictions involve both software and hardware controls. Camera, devices buttons, system settings and much more can be disabled if required.