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The story of Nject Disposal, LLC

Reducing significant travel time and expenses using Hexnode’s remote view feature

With Scott Taylor, Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC


“Yes, of all the MDMs in the market yours is by far more cost effective than others and easier to use.”


Oil & Energy


Kingfisher, Oklahoma


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The story

Founded in 2017, Nject Disposal, LLC, is one of the best licensed freight shipping and trucking company in central and western Oklahoma. They offer extensive wastewater disposal solutions to the upstream oil & gas industries. At present, the company has 30,000 barrels of available disposal capacity per day and a growing fleet of tankers. The company strives hard to provide top services to their customers day in and day out.

The company placed tablets within the vehicles so that the employees could access certain data and applications. The drivers used the tablets for various purposes such as completing inspection reports, selling e-tickets in customer locations, Electronic Logging Device (ELD), etc. Scott Taylor, the Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC, wanted a solution that could remotely lock these devices down to only the required apps. He also wanted to remotely view and troubleshoot the devices if any issues pop up. After several hours of research on the available MDM solutions in the market, Scott decided to go ahead with Hexnode. The decision to use Hexnode was a company-wide vision that came purely based on the supported features and the ease of use.

“My favorite part of Hexnode is the ease of use and ability to have devices in the system before being sent out for use.”

Scott Taylor

Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC

Nject Disposal LLC case study
Nject Disposal LLC case study with Hexnode

Prior to using Hexnode, the employees spent much of the time browsing the social media which toppled the productive work hours. Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped Scott lock down the tablets to only the essential applications. It ensured that the devices are used only for the intended purposes. The solution enabled Scott to remotely control the devices much easily without any hurdles. The employees couldn’t download or access any unauthorized apps which in turn helped them concentrate more on their work. It also greatly enhanced the end-user experience.

“I can remote in and see what they are doing and what the tablet is doing. I don’t have to drive 2 hours to track down a unit any longer.”

Scott Taylor

Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC

Hexnode case study on Nject Disposal LLC

Hexnode’s remote view feature allowed Scott to remotely view, monitor, and control the devices in real-time. It helped him identify and resolve the issues raised by the users with much ease. By setting up remote view on the enrolled devices, he was able to control the devices from the screen of his laptop/desktop. Any issues/concerns raised by the employees could be readily fixed and addressed in no time with Hexnode. This functionality helped them save a significant amount of time and travel expenditure.

“I communicate when I need to and always receive a quick response. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and the videos on items I’ve had trouble figuring out. The ability to remote in works great”

Scott Taylor

Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC

During the initial implementation of the solution, the walk-through videos for each feature made it very easy to get the devices enrolled. He was very impressed with the reasonable price range and vibrant support team of Hexnode compared to the other MDM solutions in the market. Hexnode served the purpose with no flaws. Besides, Hexnode continues to make strides each day in developing the solution for a better end-user experience.

In a nutshell

Scott Taylor, Operations Systems Manager at Nject Disposal, LLC, was very pleased with Hexnode’s features and services. He absolutely loved the ease-of-use and inventory management of the devices. The kiosk mode locked the tablets down to only the necessary work-related applications. The remote view feature saved him significant amount of time and money. He didn’t have to travel to various locations to troubleshoot the devices if issues were raised by the employees. He could manage the whole device fleet from a single console. Moreover, the pricing range was more than satisfactory for Scott to go ahead with Hexnode.