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The story of Employment Hero

On banishing device security concerns with encryption methods from Hexnode

With Kelvin Yip, Security Analyst at Employment Hero

Why Hexnode

I recommend Hexnode especially if you have multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. I absolutely recommend using Hexnode to manage all of that from one location


Human Resources


Sydney, NSW


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The story

Founded in 2014, Employment Hero is a software company that helps small and medium sized Australian businesses manage HR, payroll, employee engagement and associated benefits. They provide growing companies an affordable and intuitive way to manage essential employee information. The simple and straightforward objective of the company is to make employment easier and more rewarding. The built-in employee benefits program makes it cost-effective and simple for employers of all sizes to offer and administer benefits typically associated with huge companies.

Employment Hero distributed Windows laptops and Macs to the employees for work-essential purposes. The devices served has a collective database of personal and sensitive customer information. The important files and documents in the laptops had to be carefully protected from falling into the wrong hands. Kelvin Yip, the Security Analyst at Employment Hero, wanted to make sure that the sensitive information remained safe and secure at all times. After a research on the available MDM solutions in the market, Kelvin decided to go ahead with Hexnode as it supported multiple OS platforms. Keeping this in mind, he could further add devices of different OS with no complications in future if needed.

“We liked that Hexnode supported Windows and Mac. Not all solutions out there do that. Because we have a mixture of devices, we wanted one solution that would facilitate all of it.”

With Kelvin Yip

Security Analyst at Employment Hero

Employment Hero case study
Employment Hero case study with Hexnode

The ability to lock the devices and wipe the sensitive data at an unfavourable situation was one amongst the prime concerns for the team which was rightly served by Hexnode. With Hexnode’s remote management functionalities, the device could be completely wiped or locked remotely. Additionally, the basic device management functions like clear passcode, clear activation lock, app install as well as advanced features like policies and restrictions helped in managing the devices to the fullest capacity.

“Implementing was just straight-forward. There aren’t too many steps for the user to do. There isn’t much reading to do either.”

With Kelvin Yip

Security Analyst at Employment Hero

Hexnode helped Kelvin enforce device encryption using BitLocker and FileVault. These encryption methods for Windows and Macs helped in mitigating risks from stolen SSDs and HDDs, thus eradicating the possibility of a suspicious file transfer. Prior to using Hexnode, he had to manually convey the idea of using complex passwords for device security but had no way to enforce it. With Hexnode, the password complexity of the devices could be easily configured from the Hexnode portal which complies with the ISO 27001.

“Hexnode helps achieve complete protection of sensitive data. That is worth the investment for us.”

With Kelvin Yip

Security Analyst at Employment Hero

Kelvin loved the fact that Hexnode could be readily enrolled on the devices and delivered to the employees directly to their home or office. Moreover, Hexnode gave Kelvin the confidence to not worry about security breach on the laptops. Even if a laptop was misplaced or stolen, he could kill all the data on it and prevent access to customer sensitive information. The layer of extra security made it worth the investment on Hexnode for Employment Hero.

In a nutshell

Kelvin Yip, the Security Analyst at Employment Hero, felt very pleased with Hexnode’s features and services. He could manage the whole device fleet remotely from a single console. The ability to support multiple OS platforms drew him closer to opting Hexnode over other MDM solutions. The features such as remote wipe, password complexity, BitLocker and FileVault encryption methods, etc made it clearly a worthwhile investment for Employment Hero. Moreover, the UI turned out to be simple enough to support inventory management efficiently.