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MDM Analytics and Reporting

Intelligent insights to manage your mobility

Intuitive dashboard Intuitive dashboard

Intuitive dashboard

Hexnode’s dashboard is an integrated service that provides all the stats about your organization’s devices. It gives a bird’s eye view of everything happening on your portal with the corresponding statistics.

Enrollment statistics

Keeping track of multiple device platforms and management modes is no easy feat but it can be with Hexnode. With enrollment statistics that display the most excruciating details, you are always on top of things.

Report Management Report Management

Compliance metrics

Get to know all about your devices’ compliance status, reason for compliance breakdown and much more. Spend less time interpreting the data and more time gathering fresh insights.

Report management

Use Hexnode’s wide range of reports to analyse and improve productivity. Hexnode provides a total of 47 different types of reports to be viewed and exported. Know more.

Notification and alerts

IT admins can always be on top of things through Hexnode Notification and Alerts. Get notified instantly for changes on your portal and receive instant alerts when your device shows suspicious behaviour.

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