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iPad Classroom Management

Transforming education with Apple and MDM

Making probabilities into possibilities with Apple and Hexnode Making probabilities into possibilities with Apple and Hexnode

Making probabilities into possibilities with Apple and Hexnode

The education programs by Apple has helped schools adapt to this new way of learning. Apple has intuitive and flexible software that lets kids soar with their imagination and creativity. Teachers also have a wide variety of options for teaching and expressing their ideas to help students learn most effectively. Hexnode UEM helps with the vast deployment of iPads and their secure management from a centralized console.

IPad for schools

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a web console dedicated to schools which helps manage Apple devices used for learning. It can be used to create Apple IDs for students all at once. Schools can buy books and apps, automatically enroll devices in MDM, let teachers set up classes, share files etc.

Sharing iPads

Apple School Manager enables multi-user support in the iPad which allows sharing of the device. By clicking on the student profile in the lock screen, the student can log in to the device and pick up where they left off.

Apple for education

Teaching and learning apps

Many apps help teachers in the classroom such as the Classroom app which helps monitor the student devices, share documents, remote view, lock and so on. Schoolwork is another ap which help teachers to track and set assignments to students.

The right MDM for classrooms

Choosing the right MDM complements the working of Apple School Manager. Network configurations, device restrictions, app purchase and distribution, compliance management, etc, can be made to work over-the-air with the assistance of MDM.

IPad management for schools

Classroom-based device restrictions

Certain rules will be enforced on the iPad in a classroom. Several restrictions on device features such as Facetime, YouTube, iTunes, Game Center, App store, camera, installing and deleting apps and much more can be enforced over the air with the help of Hexnode UEM.

Technologies in classroom

Technologies like Apple’s AirDrop and AirPlay are useful in a classroom environment. Teachers can use AirPlay to display images or videos on Apple TV. AirDrop can be used to share documents, links and other study materials.

IPad for learning

The perfect partner for teaching

Teachers can lock the student’s device whenever they want. Teachers can remotely view the student’s device and see what they are doing and guide them. By using the Guided Access technique, teachers can lock the device to an app and disable parts of the screen.

Organizing learning

Teachers can create groups among students and can monitor and manage the classroom based on these groups. Group activities can be assigned and reviewed. Thus, teaching can be made more effective by providing the right amount of assistance to the students.