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What is Hexnode UEM app?

The Hexnode UEM app is the agent app used to establish the device-server communication required for managing macOS, Android, and Windows devices. In iOS devices, it is known as Hexnode MDM app. With this agent app installed on your devices, Hexnode can remotely set up device configurations, enforce security measures, simplify app management, execute remote actions, and lock down your devices in kiosk modes.


  • Hexnode UEM or Hexnode MDM app is not a stand-alone app and requires Hexnode’s UEM solution to manage endpoints.
  • The app requires device administration permission for managing Android devices.
  • The device, user, app, and server details can be viewed on the app.

Set up Hexnode UEM/MDM app

To set up Hexnode UEM app for Android devices,

  • Download the Hexnode UEM app from the Google Play Store or download the apk here.
  • Open the app and enter the server name in the text area provided. If asked, enter the email address and password provided by the administrator.


    If you have a QR code, click on the QR code icon and scan it to enroll devices. The QR code is available either from the portal (Enroll > Platform-Specific > Android > QR Code, Email or SMS) or will be sent to the users via email.

  • Activate Device Administration and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • In addition to the methods mentioned above, Hexnode offers a plethora of other options to enroll Android devices.
  • The Hexnode for Work app is used to manage devices in the Android Enterprise program.

For macOS devices, the app will be installed as soon as the MDM profile is installed on the devices. Allow the app to access location and send notifications.

For iOS devices running iOS version 15 and below, the Hexnode MDM app will be installed automatically. For devices running iOS 15+, a prompt will be shown to install the Hexnode MDM app. Click Install and allow the app to access location and send notifications.

Features of Hexnode UEM app

  1. Location: Hexnode can fetch the location of a device only if the Hexnode UEM app is installed on the device. The end-users can send location notes from the app. Make sure to grant the location access permission to the app.
  2. Send Location notes from Hexnode MDM app

  3. Messaging: The messages sent by the admin can be accessed right within the app. The app stores the complete history of messages sent via the MDM portal. You can view the message history even in the absence of a steady network connection.
  4. View Messages in Hexnode MDM app

  5. Enterprise App catalog: The Hexnode UEM app has its own app store for providing apps to your users. You can choose to access and install the apps that are approved by your enterprise.
  6. Enterprise app catalog in Hexnode MDM app

  7. Compliance: The app displays the compliance info of your devices. You can make sure whether your devices meet the compliance requirements set by your organization.
  8. View Compliance Details in Hexnode MDM app

  9. Remote View and Control: The Hexnode MDM app on iOS devices lets you remotely view the device’s screen in real-time. But for macOS and Windows devices, the Hexnode Remote Assist app is needed along with the agent app. Similarly, for Android devices, the Hexnode Remote View app is required along with the agent app to achieve the same. The remote control feature works only on macOS, Android and Windows devices. 
    Enable Remote View in Hexnode MDM app
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