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What is Hexnode Kiosk Lockdown?

Hexnode’s Kiosk Lockdown solution helps enterprises configure devices to work in restricted, purpose-specific modes. It locks down Android, iOS, Windows, and Apple TV devices, eliminating the need for purpose-built hardware or rental kiosk machines. Hexnode’s UEM solution that doubles up as kiosk software facilitates IT administrators to limit users to access only the required apps or websites.

Android Kiosk Lockdown

With Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown feature, you can lock Android devices in either single or multi-app mode. Besides apps, you can also set web pages into kiosk mode. The Background Apps feature lets you run apps in the background by hiding their icons in the kiosk launcher. Here, users cannot access the background applications directly. The kiosk launcher settings allow the admin to set a time interval for the kiosk app to launch automatically, and can also customize the look and feel of the launcher.

The Peripheral settings can be configured to attain granular control over the network, display, advanced lock, app settings, location, messenger and many other settings in kiosk mode. Hexnode’s kiosk browser secures web browsing with advanced settings and restrictions that are not available on other browsers. Hexnode offers several methods to exit kiosk mode either from the portal or the devices.

Hexnode’s digital signage can convert any Android device into image/video streaming screens. It enables admins to centrally manage multiple screens from any place, at any time, along with many other management capabilities. You can also set audio or video files as screensavers in kiosk mode.

iOS Kiosk Management

Restrict your supervised iOS devices to run in single or multi-app mode with Hexnode’s kiosk solution. Hexnode also provides extensive support for autonomous single app mode. When launched from the kiosk home screen, an autonomous app locks the iPhones or iPads in single app mode and then automatically exits the app after serving its purpose.

Apart from adding apps, you can also set up websites in kiosk mode. With Hexnode’s native kiosk browser, you can configure advanced kiosk settings to customize your website kiosk experience seamlessly. In addition, Hexnode makes it easier to disable kiosk mode either from the portal or by using Apple Configurator.

Windows Kiosk Lockdown

Admins can lock down Windows 10 devices by restricting user access to a single app or multi-apps. Hexnode also lets you customize the Start menu layout to arrange and view apps (to be set in kiosk mode) on the devices. You can disable kiosk mode by disassociating or archiving the policy or by switching user accounts.

Apple TV Kiosk Management

Supervised Apple TVs can now be configured to run only a single enterprise application using Hexnode’s kiosk mode feature. The admin can set up advanced kiosk settings to control various device functionalities such as touch, auto-lock, VoiceOver, zoom, invert colors, and much more. To exit from kiosk mode, you have to either disassociate/archive the policy or remove the target devices from the policy.

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