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What is Apple Classroom?

Apple Classroom is an ideal application for iPads and Macs that helps guide learning experiences, sharing work progress and results, and managing student devices. It allows to launch a specific app, website, or textbook page on any iPad in the class. Documents can be shared between teacher and student, or student activities can be shared on the big screen (TV, monitor or projector) using Apple TV. Apart from these, teachers can see the apps accessed by the students, mute devices, assign shared iPads to students and reset password on student devices. A summary of the student’s activities can be viewed at the end of the class.

The Classroom app can be easily downloaded from the App Store and is easy to set up. Classes can be created manually without IT support, or with the help of an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution to automatically configure the app with student and class data. Setting up the iPad without an MDM solution via the Classroom app is rather time-consuming and demands extra effort from the school authority’s part. Using an MDM solution that is fully integrated with the Classroom app minimizes this extra effort. This app needs to be installed only in the teacher’s device. Turn on Bluetooth on all the student devices and make sure all the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

There are several benefits in using the Classroom app with an MDM solution for education.

Benefits of incorporating an MDM solution with Classroom app

If the school is using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to manage the devices, the iPads and Macs can be fully set up and configured with the essential data by your school’s IT department. This in turn minimizes the setup time, so the class can get started right away. Suitable settings and restrictions can also be forced on the target devices thus supporting the school’s ideal policies regarding the use of endpoints. An MDM solution would carry out the entire set up process, including student enrollment and their individual data storage. All the settings regarding student enrollment into the class using MDM would be under the control of the school’s IT department.

Features specific to Classroom App

The Classroom app adds additional convenience and makes classroom management more concise and effortless for the school administration. It includes a number of features that are worth noticeable:

  • The Classroom app allows to create custom groups within a class, so every student category receives equal guidance, be it a single student, a group of students, or the entire class. The class can be split into groups based on project assignments and each group can be evaluated diversely.
  • All the student devices can be locked to a single app, thus preventing them from accessing any other app during class and driving their focus on the subject at hand.
  • This app points the students to resources included within Apple Books, iTunes U, and Safari for them to impart learning materials.
  • Worksheets, presentations and other multimedia sources can be easily shared amongst the student community via Classroom app together with iOS Multitasking.
  • The documents and links shared by the students can be easily viewed with this app.
  • Each student’s device screen can be directly viewed on the teacher’s device thus making task progress evaluation simpler and effective.
  • Any student’s screen can be mirrored on the big screen if your classroom has an Apple TV.
  • Individual or all devices can be muted at a stretch if required. Each device can be locked to drive the student’s attention while making an important announcement or when a common activity takes place.
  • Managed Apple ID passwords can be reset using the Classroom app.
  • An overview of the student’s activities during the class time can be evaluated. It helps to keep a watch on what students worked on and oversee their progress.
  • Classroom app configured with MDM along with Shared iPad allows to assign iPads to each student and checks whether an already assigned device have been previously owned by a different student.
  • The student devices will be logged out once the class ends. All the student documents will be synced to the cloud and will be available the next time they log in.

The Classroom app has lot more in store that would enhance learning experience. Managing and controlling student devices and monitoring their work progress becomes much more organized with Apple’s Classroom. Incorporate the Classroom app with Hexodes’ global MDM solution and experience the wave of effortless learning.

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