Remove Apps from Devices with Hexnode MDM

You don’t need the device on hand anymore to uninstall apps from that device. Hexnode MDM helps you to uninstall any apps that are installed with Hexnode. You can either uninstall an app manually from the device or set to remove apps when the device is disenrolled. This will uninstall any apps that are installed using Hexnode MDM on disenrolling the device.

Manual unistallation

To uninstall an app manually,

  1. Go to Management tab and click on the device name from the list.
  2. Proceed to the Applications tab and find an app that needs to be uninstalled.
  3. Click on the trash icon to the right of the respective app. You’ll be asked to confirm the removal. Click Yes and the app will be uninstalled.

Remove app when device is disenrolled

You can choose to uninstall an app when the device is disenrolled from Hexnode. To do this,

  1. Go to Admin > App settings.
  2. Select +Add Apps > Enterprise app.
  3. Check the “Remove on disenroll” option while adding an app to the app list.

Hexnode can list all apps in the device, but it can uninstall only those apps that are installed with Hexnode MDM.

Desktop or Mobile, Hexnode MDM Got You Covered!