1. Pre-enrollment


Pre-enrollment feature lets you import devices into Hexnode MDM, even before the enrollment is completed from the user end. You don’t have to wait around for users to enroll their devices to get started with management. You can proactively group devices and assign policies with all the configurations, restrictions and apps. Upon enrollment, the policies automatically take effect on the devices.

Pre-enrollment involves bulk importing a list of devices based on their serial numbers via a CSV file. For added security, you can make pre-enrollment mandatory, allowing only the predefined list of devices to be enrolled.

Pre-enrolling devices

You can pre-enroll devices either using DEP or by adding device serial numbers using a CSV file.

Using DEP

While adding a DEP account, you can choose whether to pre-enroll Apple devices or not when the device is added. To do this,

  1. Head on to Admin and select DEP.
  2. Select DEP Settings.
  3. Be sure to check the option Add as Pre-enrolled Device while setting up DEP account.
  4. Save the settings.

Each of the DEP device will now show up under Management as a generic DEP_device, attached to their serial numbers. You can organize them into groups and assign polices. During DEP activation/device enrollment, the policies take effect automatically.

Adding serial numbers with a CSV file

To pre-enroll devices with a CSV file,

  1. Go to Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on Bulk Enrollment and select the domain.
  3. Upload a CSV file containing the mandatory information such as name, email, ownership, serial number and platform. All others, like mobile and device name, are optional. A sample CSV file can be downloaded from the Sample CSV link available at the top of the bulk enrollment page.
    1. The ownership field can contain either of these three values – ‘personal’, ‘corporate’ or ‘selectuser’. Selectuser allows the user to select ownership details while enrolling the device.
    2. Platform field can contain ‘android’, ‘ios’ or ‘apple’.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded the CSV file, check the Pre-enroll Devices option and click on the Next button.
  5. Hexnode MDM will automatically map keys for you. If anything goes wrong, map the keys manually. Hexnode will automatically identify these keys: name, email, mobile, ownership, devicename, SerialNumber and platform.
  6. Select all users to which the enrollment request is to be sent. Click on Next > Send and you’re done with it.

MDM pre-enrollment

All pre-enrolled devices will be displayed along with enrolled devices in the Management section of the product. If you click on a device’s name, you will be taken to the device information page with a top banner “Pre enrolled Device” if the device is pre-enrolled and the user has not accepted the enrollment request yet.

Note: You cannot fetch the location details or see the device details except the serial number before the user accepts the enrollment request.

Allow pre-enrolled devices only

You can limit the enrolling devices to only a list of approved devices by enabling this feature. To allow only pre-enrolled devices to enroll in Hexnode MDM,

  1. Go to Admin > Enrollment Settings.
  2. Check the Pre-enrolled Devices Only option under Enrollment Restrictions.
  3. Save the settings.

MDM pre-enrollment - Allowed pre-enrolled devices only