MDM device reports

Active devices

Devices that can be scanned within a particular number of days set in Admin tab > MDM Settings.

All applications

Lists all applications installed in devices.

All devices

Report on all managed devices.

Camera disabled

The devices that have camera disabled.

Compliant devices

Devices that meet the compliance requirements.

Corporate devices

Devices set as corporate-owned during enrollment.

Devices with blacklisted apps

Devices in which at least one blacklisted app is installed.

Disenrolled devices

The devices that are not enrolled.

Disenrollment pending devices

Devices which are selected to disenroll from the MDM console, but still the policy has not reached
the device.

Enrolled devices

The devices that are enrolled successfully.

Inactive devices

The devices that are not scanned for a particular number of days as per the setting, under Admin
tab > MDM Settings.

Missing mandatory apps

The devices that have missing mandatory applications.


The devices that don’t meet the compliance requirements.


The devices that don’t have data encryption enabled.

Password protected device

The devices that have passcode lock enabled.

Personal devices

Devices whose ownership is set as Personal during enrollment.

Popular applications

Lists all popular applications installed in devices.

Recently enrolled devices

Lists all recently enrolled devices.


Lists all smartphones that are enrolled in Hexnode MDM.


Lists all tablet computers that are enrolled in Hexnode MDM.

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