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Getting Started with On-premise edition

Hexnode MDM is available both as On-premises and Cloud deployment models. The on-premise edition is packaged as a virtual appliance (ovf) file. The ovf file will be made available to you along with the credentials required to log in to Hexnode MDM once the process is completed successfully.

To deploy on-prem edition, a VMWare Workstation is required. Before starting with the installation process, certain system requirements on both the VMWare Workstation and Hexnode MDM is to be met. Get to know more about on-premises edition from the following link.

Hexnode MDM On-premises edition…

Once the installation procedure of VMWare Workstation is completed, you can start enrolling devices with Hexnode MDM before which the following settings are to be configured.

NAT Settings

The router uses the Network Address Translation (NAT) to manage all the mobile devices using a single centralized system. It connects your devices to the internet via a public IP address. Follow the link to know more on configuring NAT settings on your devices using Hexnode MDM.

Configure NAT Settings…

Proxy Settings

In order to establish a secure connection between your device and internet, a proxy server is required. Hexnode MDM enables you to configure proxy settings for on-premises edition. Familiarize more on configuring the Proxy Settings using Hexnode MDM from the following link.

Configure Proxy Settings…

E-mail Server Configuration

In order to send e-mail notifications to the end users, the admin requires to configure the outgoing e-mail server. It is through this configured e-mail that the notifications regarding the enrollment requests and other notifications are send to the end users by the admin. Get to know more on e-mail configuration from the following link.

Configure E-mail Server…

Once these settings are configured, you can start enrolling the devices with Hexnode MDM.

Enrolling Devices

Hexnode MDM Supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Windows PC and tvOS devices. There are different types of enrollment processes for each platform. Follow the link to know about the initial setup of enrollment processes.

Enrollment Settings…

The enrollment process varies within the device platforms. Learn more on enrolling devices with Hexnode MDM from the link below.

Enrolling Devices with Hexnode MDM…