Hexnode MDM lets you handle BYOD devices separately, right from enrollment. While sending
out the enrollment request to users, you can pre-select whether a device is user owned or corporate
owned. You can also let the user decide whether it is BYOD or Corporate owned.

To enroll a BYOD device,
Select Home > Enrollment
Click on New Enrollment. Once you choose the domain and select the user, under Ownership,
select Personal and click send. The selected device will be enrolled as a BYOD device.

Now you can create a group with all the user owned devices and assign them a BYOD policy. You
can also create a dynamic group with ownership criteria as BYOD, so that every new BYOD device
enrolled will be added to that group.

To create a dynamic BYOD group ,
Select Home > Management > Device groups
Click on New group. Give a group name and description.
Check Dynamic group.
In conditions, check All of the below conditions and chooseDevice info – Ownership – Is – Personal. And Save group.

Now all the devices enrolled as BYOD will be automatically added to this group. Now assign the
required BYOD policy to this group and you’re done.