1. CSV import

CSV import

Hexnode MDM allows you to send out enrollment requests in bulk by importing users from a CSV
file. CSV import comes in quite handy while having to send out enrollment requests to a large
number of users in your AD.

For CSV import,

Select Home > Enrollment.
Click on Bulk Enrollment. First, let’s send requests to local users. For Domain, choose local. If you
have a CSV file in the prescribed format, you can upload it. Else download a sample CSV file by
clicking on the Sample CSV at the top right corner. You can use this file as format reference.


Now click choose file and select the sample_csv file. Click next. Here you can verify the entries.
Keep the required ones selected and click next. You’ll receive a confirmation. Click send and the
enrollment requests will be sent to the selected users. For sending requests to AD users, at the
bulk enrollment request screen, select the CSV file, choose an AD domain and click next. Hexnode
MDM shows the list of matching domain users in the CSV file. You can select the required users and
send them requests likewise.