1. Applying policies on AD groups

Applying policies on AD groups

Once you have synced your Active Directories with Hexnode MDM, you can apply policies on the
existing usergroups, organizational units or the entire domain.

Let’s start by creating a policy,

Select Home > Policies.

Choose a policy you want to set for an AD group, OU or domain. For the sake of simplicity, let’s
choose web clip configuration.

Select New Policy > Web clip. Click on configure. As for label and URL, give your company name
and website. For icon you might want to select your company logo or image. Click Save.

Now select Policy Targets. Select Domain. Click on Add Domain. You can see your domains listed.
For any domain, click on the arrow next to it to expand. Now you can select multiple OUs or the
entire domain. After selection click OK.

Now select User Groups. Click on Add User Group. You can see all your AD user groups listed in
here. Select the desired user groups and click OK.


You have now successfully set your AD groups and OUs as policy targets.

If you click Save now, the web clip policy you have configured will be active on all the targets you
have selected. If you want to apply the policy, click Save else click cancel.