How to Add Certificates for Android Devices with Hexnode MDM?

From here, admins can upload certificates to use in other policies. All uploaded certificates will be displayed here as well as in other policies where a certificate can be used.

Note: Certificates can be added if you are on a Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate subscription.

To add a certificate for Android from Hexnode MDM console,

  1. From Policies, select an existing policy or add a new one by clicking on the New Policy button.
  2. Go to Android Settings.
  3. Select Certificates.

Have a look at the available options.

  • Add Certificate: Click on this button to upload a certificate from your system.
  • Credential name: Provide a name to identify a certificate when listed in other policies. Certificates will be named by default, change it if required.
  • Credential details: This option will become available if at least one certificate is added. Click on the + sign to see the certificate details, such as the subject, issuer name and the expiry date.

To delete a certificate, click on the x button to the right of the respective certificate.

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