Active Directory based Remote Device Management

Hexnode MDM lets you perform bulk actions to lock device, clear passcode or even install
applications on the devices linked to your AD groups.

For bulk management,

Select Home > Management > Active Directory.


All your AD domains will be listed here. Click on the arrow adjacent to any domain. It will expand
to show the OUs within. Now you can select multiple OUs or the domain as a whole.

Select any and click on Manage. Here we have multiple options. Clicking on any of them performs
the corresponding actions in bulk on the groups, OUs or domains selected.

  • Scan device – Hexnode MDM performs a device scan to fetch the current device info and
  • Lock device – Hexnode MDM locks the devices remotely.
  • Clear passcode – Hexnode MDM resets the password on the devices.
  • Disenroll device – Devices will be disenrolled from Hexnode MDM.
  • New enrollment – Enrollment requests will be sent to the devices.
  • Install application – Selected applications will be installed on the user devices.
  • Associate Policy – Selected policy will be applied on the user devices.
Desktop or Mobile, Hexnode MDM Got You Covered!