24th April 2017 Release notes – Scheduled reports, Multiple technicians and more

Main features

1.Technician and report roles
3.App configuration
4.Enforce GPS feature in Android for SAGE and GATE devices
5.MDM Administration
6.Scheduled reports

Technician and report roles

From the 5.2.1 release onwards, more than one admins can be created to manage the console. Along with the admin role, there is a Reports Manager role, which gives access to just the reporting section alone.

Email Notifications

The email notifications has been introduced in the 5.2 release. In this version more events for email notification is added.

App configuration

The App configuration is a feature which will help add additional configuration settings to the iOS enterprise app. The configurations can be uploaded as an XML file to the server.

Enforce GPS

For Samsung SAFE and LG GATE devices, the GPS can be forced to stay On all the time.

MDM Administration

The basic MDM settings such as device scan period, global kiosk passcode, chat settings, time zone settings etc

Scheduled reports

The admin can now get reports on regular basis on the events they desire to be notified about.

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