Device Enrollment

The first step to device management is also the easiest

Zero-touch enrollment options

Enterprise integrations

  • Seamlessly enroll AD users to Hexnode
  • Utilize existing AD credentials
  • Changes in AD accounts are reflected in Hexnode.

Easily enroll AD users

Active Directory based enrollment helps the enterprise make use of its existing directory network to enroll endpoints in Hexnode. Manage multiple Active Directory domains, use existing users, user groups and subdomains and prevent unauthorized user access.

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  • Self-enrollment with existing credentials
  • User inventorying
  • Cloud-based management

Go cloud with Azure AD

Enterprises can let the user use their own Azure AD credentials to enroll devices in Hexnode. Synced users and user groups paves the way for easy enrollment and policy assignment. Hexnode-Azure AD integration helps you leverage MFA and SSO for better security and privacy.

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  • Simplify Android Enterprise on-boarding
  • Create secure BYOD profiles
  • Sync users and user groups

Simplify AE onboarding

Google Workspace allows IT to enroll multiple devices to Android Enterprise directly from the Hexnode portal, which enhances the management capabilities of the enterprise. The devices can be easily assigned to the existing Google Workspace users.

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  • Integrate directory services with Hexnode.
  • Sync users and user groups from Okta.
  • Simplify iOS, macOS and Android enrollment.

Import Okta users

Hexnode’s seamless integration with Okta ensures our users can make use of a powerful access management system integrated with a comprehensive device management suite. The enterprise can easily import all its existing Okta users to Hexnode.

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Quick Enrollment

QR-code based enrollment QR-code based enrollment

QR-code based enrollment

Hexnode helps streamline the enrollment workflow by supporting device onboarding using QR codes. Wi-Fi and device encryption settings can be embedded into this QR code. Scan the QR code to start enrolling devices.

No authentication enrollment

Hasten the enrollment process with No authentication enrollment. There are no user-specific enrollment credentials. Users can self-enroll their devices as long as they have the server name. Devices enrolled with this open enrollment method would be assigned to a default user.

Enrollment with Apple Configurator
Apple Configurator

Enrollment with authentication

Email/SMS based enrollment is the go-to option to ensure the legitimacy of the user. Users will receive an email/SMS containing login credentials and only users who receive these details can enroll onto Hexnode. The email also includes details on the enrollment process; one less task for IT.

Enrollment with Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator can be used to push Hexnode UEM enrollment profiles to Apple devices. The devices have to be connected to a Mac via USB. Using Apple configurator for enrollment is ideal for organization that do not have an ABM account.

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Zero-touch onboarding: The hows of enrolling handsfree

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