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Best MDM ever!

In Mobile Device Management, the legacy approach is to create policies directly for the employee devices. You define which features are turned on in each devices, what applications are supposed to work with them, what all networks these devices have access to and so on.

But why manage devices when you can manage users? Why make manual iterations when you can easily automate the recurrent tasks? Why do stuff singly when you can do it in bulk?

Time for a change,huh?

Hexnode MDM lets you manage the employee devices just the way you manage your employees. You can get your AD organization structure as such into the solution and assign policies straight to the existing OUs and domains. They get instantly applied across all devices the employees use.

Everything's easier when handled as a group

Restricting device features, setting up device configurations, blacklisting apps, you name it. Better yet, you don't even have to manually add devices to groups, thanks to the intelligent dynamic grouping. All you need to do is choose the selection criteria for a dynamic group and each new device meeting those are automatically added to the group. Automated policy and compliance takes care of the rest.

Beyond minimalism

What we had in mind while conceiving Hexnode MDM was to minimize the human intervention, to let the software do the job. But the automation is not the end goal. It goes hand in hand with our minimalist design philosophy to give you the ultimate user experience we pride ourselves on. The first thing you'll notice when you lay your hands on the solution is its unparalleled simplicity and usability. The UX is designed with utmost attention to detail – by saving a few clicks here, a few keystrokes there, before you know it we have saved you few hours a week.

Built for people, not machines

We built Hexnode MDM to be used by people not superheroes, not machines – by you and me and all of us who do stuff imperfectly. Because it's alright to be imperfect, flawed and human. It should be OK to make mistakes, the application should deal with it. That's why we designed it allowing for the human factor. A small oversight or error in judgment is not going to set off something cataclysmic and perhaps when you don't account for the human element, it becomes just a software. Hexnode MDM was created to be so much more to provide you the best MDM Solution .

Why Hexnode is the Best MDM ever ?

  • Simple,hassle-free Mobile Device Management
  • All the features you need.Right where you want. No wading through a clutter of ones you'll never use.
  • MDM in minutes-quick enrollment of users
  • 24 hours dedicated support through email and phone
  • Flexible and affordable solution
  • Setup and deploy in minutes - which makes Hexnode , the best MDM ever

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