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The simplest way to make a step.

Adding a gallary to WordPress

  • Place your cursor

    A gallery can go anywhere on a page or post – by itself on a blank page, or above, below, or in the midst of text. Start by placing your cursor where you want the gallery to appear.

  • Click the Add Media button

    Once you’ve placed your cursor where you want your image gallery to appear, click on the Add Media button (located left above the editing window) to launch the media uploader interface. In the resulting popup window, select the ‘Create a Gallery’ option from the list of actions on the left.

  • Add and/or Select the Images

    You can add or select the images you want to include in your image gallery by choosing from either of the following options in the center of the media uploader window.

  • Edit Your Gallery

    On the Edit Gallery page, you can do the following things before inserting the gallery you have created into your page or post.


If you have a picture for every step, we suggest you to use this step as it’s more interactive.