• Reliability: Wide range of mobile portfolios from Zebra offers a comprehensive mobile solution with built-in software intelligence.
  • LifeGuardTM : Zebra’s software security solution for Android Enterprise mobile devices called LifeGuardTM adds OS security support throughout the enterprise hardware lifecycle.
  • Workforce Connect: A single mobile device facilitates access to enterprise data and line-of-business applications, PTT calls, and enterprise-grade secure messaging.
  • Mobility DNA: Zebra mobile computers are aided with an intelligent suite of software and utilities called Mobility DNA, making it best suited to work with EMM environments.


Zebra Technologies Corporation is a leading manufacturer of enterprise mobile devices. The wide range of portable computers built by Zebra is equipped to serve the workforce belonging to any business environment. Over the years, Zebra Technologies has been the global leader in rugged mobility, providing the customers with the best in enterprise technology.

Delivering the world’s most trusted Android Enterprise mobile computers, Zebra technologies provides everything that a business wants. Android Enterprise is an initiative led by Google to consolidate Android devices and apps in the enterprise workplace. To configure device-specific features for which there is no Android Enterprise API available, Zebra’s OEMConfig turns out to be the best alternative. Integrating Zebra devices to Hexnode MDM lets IT administrators configure OEM specific device-oriented settings to streamline device workflows. Importing Zebra OEMConfig powered by MX to Hexnode is all that the organization is required to do. Zebra’s OEMConfig app infuses additional features exclusively for enterprises to manage their fleet of Zebra devices. It includes business-class worry-free Wi-Fi, wireless WAN connectivity, support for DataWedge restrictions, file management capabilities, and Zebra’s value-added service access.

OEM-specific device settings for Zebra Android devices

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