• High-Definition Display: The unique Sharp LCD technology reproduces high-quality images on the devices. The IGZO display takes out the power consumption requirements of the backlight for a high-definition display.
  • Comfortable touch operation: Expand the employees’ smartphone life in the business environment using a comfortable touch panel. The IGZO display and touch panel are designed to operate in wet and dusty environments.
  • Original Tuning technology: Sharp’s original tuning technology and sufficient memory enable a crisp, smooth and easy to use device experience even when the user works with numerous applications.
  • OS version upgrade: Sharp devices offer support for OS version upgrades, and the users can use them securely for a longer duration of time.


Headquartered in Japan, Sharp is a world-famous multi-national manufacturer of electronic goods. Rather than merely diversifying its business volume, Sharp corporation has always employed unique technologies to deliver values to its customers. Spread across the globe, the company aims at revolutionizing the lifestyles of the people. The Sharp Group provides the best of its products and services to satisfy the client’s requirements without compromising safety and reliability. The company’s commitment to society dedicates itself to the two principal ideals – Sincerity and Creativity. They are the key factors responsible for the prosperity of the entire Sharp family.

Ever founded in 1912, Sharp Corporation has been venturing on innovative products, beginning with the development of “Ever-Sharp” mechanical pencils, smartphones, etc., to smart TVs. Apart from improving the lifestyles of people, Sharp also serves different commercial needs of the customers. Sharp offers a wide range of smartphones with immense capabilities catering to business needs. AQUOS Config 2 (OEMConfig for SHARP) from Sharp Corporation enables organizations to extend Android Enterprise capabilities using an MDM solution easily. Integrating with Sharp, Hexnode empowers organizations to manage corporate devices effectively. This collaboration helps organizations to customize Android Enterprise recommended Sharp smartphones into business-grade devices. The devices that support OEM-specific features can be customized in a standardized manner enabling you to send device settings to the OEMConfig app installed on the endpoints remotely. The ‘App Configurations’ from the Hexnode MDM console makes it possible to define OEM-specific management features with little effort.