• Data encryption: Enterprise-level software embedded with Seuic devices offers data security through file encryption.
  • Optimized battery management: Seuic devices have optimized battery usage capabilities with low energy requirements and fast charging technology.
  • Reliable data transmission: Enhanced security mechanism and smart Wi-Fi offer fast and secure data transmission.
  • Innovative design: Seuic devices are designed innovatively to operate in harsh working environments.


Jiangsu Seuic Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer focusing on industrial-grade mobile terminals, visual identity products such as bar codes scanners, NFC readers, UHF and RFID products. After establishing the AUTOID brand, Seuic ultimately entered the industrial-grade terminal market. The rugged handheld devices manufactured by Seuic are optimized for industrial use.

Continually providing mobile solutions to many different industries, Seuic prioritizes the development concept of independent innovation. With the introduction of OEMConfig, newer possibilities are added to the Seuic device functionalities. Hexnode extends an intuitive Mobile Device Management platform for Android Enterprise devices. Integrating Seuic with Hexnode allows users to deploy enterprise configurations across these devices. It helps Hexnode to leverage advanced enterprise features to Seuic to be used with the business environments.

OEM-specific app configurations for Seuic devices

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