• Hardware Accelerated Encryption: Provides more secure and faster encryption with a hardware-accelerated encryption method.
  • Reduce Vulnerability with SE Linux: Minimize vulnerability by enforcing Mandatory Access Control (MAC) policy provided by SE Linux.
  • Enhanced Location Settings: Improve the location settings on the device by enforcing location fetch and disabling mock locations.
  • Debug Mode: Enables the USB debugging mode to enhance the interaction with developers.


LG GATE provides your enterprise with advanced features and government-grade security to create a secure work environment. LG GATE is comprised of four solutions that enhance your enterprise management and secure corporate data. Security solutions maintain the integrity of the software components on each system boot. It also improves system strength by providing a more secure algorithm and long key size. The encryption keys are managed securely in compliance with government policies. LG GATE encrypts data with FIPS 140-2 Certification and meets AES-256 standards. They also provide a fluent API for device management integration.

Hexnode’s integration with LG GATE provides a higher grade of security features to mobile management. With Hexnode UEM, you can configure network settings, display configurations, and kiosk settings on LG GATE devices. Features offered by Hexnode allows you to control the hardware buttons on the device. And you get the privilege to enhance the security of the devices by enabling features to encrypt the external SD card and disable app installing from unknown sources using Hexnode UEM.

Manage LG GATE devices with Hexnode UEM