G Suite


  • Easy access to Google enterprise apps – Provides easy access to Google enterprise apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar from a single console.
  • Cloud-based system – Being a cloud-based tool allows the users to access the applications from anywhere and on any device.
  • Enroll your devices to Android Enterprise – Simplified enrollment of devices to Android Enterprise using G Suite.
  • Uses Cloud Identity to enhance security solutions – Defend the system from malware with BeyondCorp security model, controls access to SaaS apps and enforce MFA to protect user accounts.


G Suite developed by Google is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and several applications dedicated for work. It supplies access to apps like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Sites from a single console. G Suite also provides access to apps like Hangouts and Google+ to maintain a higher level of communication within the enterprise. You can also make use of the cloud storage space to store your data. Google also provides enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement to secure your data. It also supplies a vault system to retain and archive data. As it is a cloud-based system user can access the application from anywhere on the globe.

Integration of Hexnode with G Suite allows you to enroll your device to Android Enterprise with your G Suite account. Android Enterprise allows you to enroll the device as a fully managed corporate device or as a partly managed personal device. You can also sync the users/groups in your domain to the MDM portal. This enables you to enroll devices on various OS platforms with your G Suite account, making device enrollment far simpler and effortless.
Configure your organization’s G Suite account with Hexnode MDM

Configure your organization’s G Suite account with Hexnode MDM

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