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New additions to the Passcode policy for macOS devicesSolved

Hexnode Expert
4 weeks ago

Our team is working on enhancing the Passcode policy for macOS devices with a few additional configurations. These options primarily focus on the number of failed attempts after which the device should lock up and the duration of the lockup period during which users shouldn’t attempt to log in to the device.

Another prominent option in the upcoming release is the use of regular expressions. Regular expressions provide a wide range of possibilities to set conditions on the passwords that can be set on the device. For instance, IT admins can use this option to restrict users from using commonly used passwords, or repeated letters or numbers in a password. They can use the Regular expression content description option to describe the condition set in the Regular expression field.

Stay tuned for the official release announcement for further details!

Best regards,
Chloe Edison
Hexnode UEM

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