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Advanced website kiosk settings

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    Frank Clinton
    Hexnode MDM
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    We would be soon coming up with newer and better restrictions on the Website Kiosk by adding up new Advanced restrictions to the website Kiosk, Making the kiosk better and more efficient.

    A lot more restrictions and features are about to be rolled out on the Website Kiosk front.

    Some of them include:
    Toolbar settings:
    – You would be able to customize the toolbar of the web browser by showing the home, refresh, back buttons and show the webview title and so on.

    Auto refresh:
    – You would be able to reload the page after a time period or reload webpages when you are connected to a network.

    Display Settings:
    – Customizing the orientation of the browser, being able to pinch zoom in web view, change color of the browser theme.

    Other settings like clear cache, cookies of the browser, disable text selection, disable soft keys and much more are coming in to make a better website kiosk.

    Frank Clinton
    Hexnode MDM.

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