Reply To: Unable to install VPP Apps

Gabriel GalbraithGabriel Galbraith
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Thanks for reaching out to us, @Clinton!

This is because the students are using managed Apple IDs, which cannot be used for any commercial transactions such as in-app purchases, storage, or service purchases. So, when the students log in to the App Store with the managed Apple ID, they won’t be able to install the app purchased via VPP. They’ll probably encounter an error message “This Apple ID cannot be used to make purchases.” A quick solution for this problem is, you can push these apps via Hexnode’s app management features such as the Mandatory Apps policy and Install Application action. You can choose the VPP app and deploy it to the required devices.
To check the features that are available for managed Apple ID in ASM, please refer to this
blog post on the same.

Hope this helps.

Gabriel Galbraith
Hexnode UEM