Reply To: Why dynamic grouping is taking more time

Jeff MorrisonJeff Morrison

Hey @Raquel, thanks for reaching out to us!

Hexnode allows you the privilege to manually sync your dynamic groups at any time of your convenience. All you’ve to do is select the dynamic group (Manage > Device Groups) and click on Actions > Sync Now. You can also sync your multiple dynamic groups simultaneously. In that case, check all the device groups and click on Actions > Sync Dynamic Groups. All your devices will be immediately synced to the device group based on your specified criteria.

Even if you don’t prefer manually syncing your groups every time, Hexnode got you covered here. Based on your subscribed edition, Hexnode will automatically sync your groups at regular intervals:

Pro: Auto-syncs every 4 hours.

Enterprise: Auto-syncs every 1 hour.

Ultimate: Auto-syncs every 15 minutes.

Ultra: Auto-syncs every 5 minutes.

Feel free to check out dynamic device groups article if you think it might help.

Hope this answers your query.

Jeff Morrison
Hexnode UEM