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Shawn PayneShawn Payne

Great @eden-parker. I think I can assist you with that.

The reason why the method suggested earlier did not yield satisfactory results is due to the fact that your repository and the workspace are in close proximity. This can interfere with the location tracking, especially if High Accuracy tracking is unavailable.

You will have to follow the steps listed below to achieve the required functionality.

  1. First, change the Repository Wi-Fi SSID. As you might know, we need a change in the device end to trigger a response from the server. As location change is not acceptable, we will be using the Wi-Fi SSID of the devices to trigger a server response.
  2. Set the Wi-Fi SSID of the repository to be, let’s say, “REPO”. Now, push this Wi-Fi configuration to all of the Android and iOS devices you wish to manage and allow “Auto join” to this network using an Hexnode MDM Wi-Fi configuration policy.
  3. Now, create a Dynamic Device Group. Name the group “Returned Devices”.
  4. While creating the group, set the following values in “Choose Condition Filters”.
    • Select Column group – Network Info
    • Select Column – Wi-Fi SSID
    • Select comparator – is
    • Filter – “REPO”.
  5. Save the Dynamic group and you are good to go.

Let me explain what happens here.

When devices are in use, they will be out of range from the Wi-Fi network in the repository, and hence will be connected to the company Wi-Fi and hence have a different Wi-Fi SSID.

When the devices are returned, they will be in the range from the Repository Wi-Fi, now renamed “REPO” and connect automatically to the network as you have already pushed the required Wi-Fi configurations via policy. So, now the Wi-Fi SSID of the returned devices will be “REPO”.

As we have configured a dynamic group to contain all such devices, all returned devices will be included in the group “Returned Devices”.

The Dynamic group refreshes and updates itself after a specific interval of time as allowed by your subscription plan. So, at any instant, you can just open your Hexnode console and check the Device group “Returned Devices” to find out which devices have been returned to the repository.
You can simply create another Dynamic device group with the only change being the Comparator – is not to list all devices not returned to the repository.

Again, there exists a situation where the devices might loose internet connectivity or be powered off. In such a scenario, the device will not be listed in either of the device groups. You can set Scheduled Reports as discussed in the previous post to list such inactive devices and counter this issue.

Hope this solution works for you.

Have a blast.
Shawn Payne.
Hexnode UEM.