Reply To: Activation lock in macOS Catalina

AvatarNora Lang
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Hey @Camila & @Chloe,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We are happy to inform you that Hexnode now supports remote deactivation of the macOS Activation lock. This is supported on devices running v10.15 or later with Apple T2 security chip and enrolled in ABM/ASM.

Activation lock on macOS machines can be bypassed either via a one-time action or via a bypass code available in Hexnode. The Clear Activation Lock action can be used when the device responds to the Hexnode server. Therefore, applying the remote action after the device has been Activation locked will yield no result.

Use the bypass code to unlock the device when it is in the Activation locked state. On the Mac, click on the Recovery Assistant in the menu bar and select Activate with MDM key to input the bypass code obtained from the Hexnode console. This will unlock the device.

Kindly checkout “Bypass Activation Lock using MDM” to learn more.

We hope this feature satisfies your requirements. Please feel free to share your critical feature requirements through this channel. We appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Nora Lang
Hexnode MDM