Reply To: Prevent “Hexnode Remote View permission request” on device

AvatarEva Tyler

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Unattended access for Remote View is possible for Android devices version 9.0 and below.
When the Remote View app is set up for the first time, a device prompt appears that shows the checkbox ‘Do not show again’. Enabling this option grants unattended access for remotely viewing the device.

With Android 10 devices, Google strengthened its security mechanism, so the ‘Do not show again’ prompt does not appear anymore. This would mean that access needs to be granted each time to remotely view the device screen.

However, in order to cope up with this situation, Hexnode has introduced the Remote view app version 4.5 and above in such a way that, it gets unattended access once the permission is granted until the app instance is killed in the device. Rebooting a device can kill the app instance, so you need to grant the permission again.

The permission request needs to be cleared manually from the device, however, please do try the above and in case of any issues, feel free to comment.

Eva Tyler
Hexnode MDM

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