Reply To: Data Management for iOS

AvatarEva Tyler

Hi Glenn,

We completely understand your concern and this is completely justified.

We understand that requesting a feature for quite a long time and not able to see them within the time period that was promised can be a huge blowout.

Hence, please accept our sincere apologies prior to saying anything else. We are really sorry and our intention was never to give any false hopes to you. Our team has been doing their best from day one itself to get the feature implemented with the Hexnode portal.

We completely understand that this does not justify the delay from our end, and we are really sorry for the same.
iOS device management for MDM solutions has been becoming a greater challenge with the latest iOS 13 versions. Apple has been implementing restrictions over the MDM solutions that narrow the control the MDM has over the iOS devices especially with the latest releases.

An example of the same would be that with iOS 13+ devices, any app that access location service needs to run in the foreground and not in the background to fetch the device location.

Data management is such a huge feature, needs to implemented relying on the MDM protocols of managing iOS devices and being in compliance with the latest iOS versions as well. We have been putting in a great deal of effort into getting this feature to be implemented with the Hexnode portal.

However, due to some inevitable results in testing and development, the feature release was getting delayed. We would never like to provide our valuable customers with a feature that is buggy or have even a minor glitch.
The feature has been going over a thorough testing period which included additional loop over development for enhancing the feature and resolving the issues that arise.

We are really grateful for the patience you have kept with us over this period and we humbly request you to provide us one more chance and give us a little more time to have this feature implemented within the Hexnode portal.
We, on behalf of the entire Hexnode family, deeply regret the delay from our end.

Eva Tyler
Hexnode MDM