Reply To: Users not receiving the Hexnode enrollment requests.


These guys seem to be pretty good though. I have been using them to manage my iPhones and a mix of devices in Samsungs and Pixels with them, it’s pretty solid. The setting up and using of Hexnode is easy because we have automated policies in place to take care of the devices. It is pretty much like you never need anything to do with the Hexnode console unless you want to add/ make some changes. I have tried JAMF as well, but since I needed a UEM to manage all of them spectrum of devices we used, I took a trial with these guys and never looked back. It is fairly easy to use, everything is in one place, and we never had so much of an issue unless we were doing something wrong, which Hexnode support helps me correct. But we barely managed Windows mobile devices with Hexnode, and we decommissioned them because we were switching over to iPhones; we are pretty much an Android/ Apple shop. I need an MDM to deploy apps, and verify they stay updated at all times in iPhones, Androids and MacBooks. Some devices maybe locked down into the Kiosk mode based on the company hierarchy. This is all I need and Hexnode does the job. You can go for a test run to see if this suits your needs, especially Windows phones.

So, if you want to look at it like an initialization, and after sales support, I would recommend Hexnode coz these guys get to know you well, and help you best. Even though I haven’t contacted them much in a long time now, I have read elsewhere in multiple tech forums that Hexnode’s after sales support is in a league of its own as compared to the other ones in the market. Their initial help in setting up my devices was the main reason I switched to Hexnode from JAMF, instead of Miradore, Meraki and Manage Engine which I was simultaneously looking, at that time.