Reply To: Is there an option to send a new application to 10 or 20 devices of my choice?

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Yes, Ryan.

You can batch push the app to a whole bunch of devices at the same time. Just create a group and add all those devices. Now you create a policy, and in the Mandatory apps sections, you add the selected app. You can add multiple apps here. Assign the policy to the group you had created and the selected app/apps will be pushed to all the devices.

Let’s say you have your company app on both iOS and Android platforms. You don’t have to group the devices based on their platform to push the apps. That’s the beauty of it! You can add all the devices to one group, configure a single policy, select the apps across each platform and add it to the mandatory apps list. Apps will be automatically pushed to devices on the respective platforms.

  1. Create a device group
    You can create a static group or dynamic group
  2. Create a policy and set mandatory apps
    Check out this help article to learn how it’s done
  3. Now assign this policy to the group you had just created.
    Apps will be pushed to the devices in the group

Hexnode MDM will scan your mandatory apps list regularly to see if an update has arrived in the App stores. When an update is available, it will be automatically pushed to the devices.

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