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Thanks for the reply.

You can personalize the initial setup experience while enrolling devices in DEP with Hexnode. While configuring the DEP profile, you will have the option to select the steps that can be avoided during the Apple device’s set up.

To configure the DEP profile:

  1. Navigate to Admin-> Apple Business/School Manager-> Apple DEP-> DEP Configuration Profiles and click on Configure DEP profile.
  2. The fields to be filled out for DEP profile creation will be displayed. At the bottom portion, you will able to find the option to select the steps that are to be avoided during the device set up.
  3. Select the desired steps and click Save.

You can also edit an already existing DEP profile and select the steps that are to be avoided.
When this profile is applied to a device for DEP enrollment, the selected steps will be avoided during device set-up.

Check out the help link on DEP Management to get more info.

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM