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Hi Ash,

As for the iCloud Activation lock, Hexnode MDM can help you bypass it but there are a few different ways depending on the situation you are in.

  • Activation lock turned on, device not erased.
    • Here, just enroll the device with Hexnode MDM and you can remotely clear the Activation lock on the device. Here’s a whole guide dedicated to it.
  • Activation lock turned on, device erased but managed by Hexnode MDM.
    • So, you have erased the device and it’s asking for the employee’s iCloud credentials for activation. No problem, you can still go to your Hexnode MDM portal and remotely clear the Activation lock. Good thing, you had chosen to enroll the device with Hexnode MDM before handing out to the employee!
  • Activation lock turned on, device erased, not managed by Hexnode MDM
    • There is very little you can do here with Hexnode MDM. If the device has been managed by another MDM solution, it might be a good idea to refer their documentation or contact support. If it has not been managed at all, you may need to contact the employee and get the device unlocked with their AppleID and password. If you can’t get hold of them, you may need to contact Apple support with the necessary documentation for the device ownership, and they’ll clear the lock for you.

Now, coming to tracking employees,

Hexnode MDM not only lets you track the devices’ location but provides the location history of each employee which you can export and save for future use. Additionally, you have Geofencing to configure virtual fences to have certain policies activate and relapse as the employees move in and out of the specified region. Pretty cool, huh?

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