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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

You can enroll Android and macOS devices using Pre-approved enrollment method. However, this is not supported on Windows devices.

The pre-approved enrollment can be performed using DEP or by adding device serial numbers using CSV file

For pre-approved enrollment of devices using CSV file:

  • Navigate to Enroll > All Enrollments > Enterprise > Pre-approve.
  • Select the domain and upload the CSV file with the mandatory information such as name, email, ownership, serial number and platform.
  • Click Next. Hexnode will automatically map keys for you. If there is a mistake in mapping, you will have to map manually.
  • The data in the CSV file will be displayed. Click Next.
  • Choose whether you want the enrollment requests to be sent via Email/SMS and click on Send.

For pre-approved enrollment of devices via DEP, you will have to enable the option ‘Add as Pre-approved Device’ while adding a DEP account.
To configure the DEP account, navigate to Admin-> Apple Business/School Manager-> Apple DEP-> DEP Accounts and click on ‘Add DEP account’.

All the pre-approved devices will be displayed under Manage-> Devices. On clicking on the device name, you will be directed to the device information page with a top banner ‘Pre-approved device’.

Check out our help doc on Pre-approved Enrollment for more info.

Grace Baker
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