Reply To: Enabling Remote Control on Android devices using Hexnode MDM

AvatarGrace Baker
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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

Hexnode can let administrators remotely view and control the devices. The Remote view app has to be first installed to remotely view the devices. You can then navigate to Admin-> General settings-> Remote View and Control Settings to find the option for enabling Remote View and Remote Control. Please note that the remote control is supported only on Samsung Knox and Rooted Android devices.
To start the remote session, navigate to Manage-> Devices, click on the device and you will be directed to the Device Summary page. Click on Start Session for the remote view window to appear. You can use the mouse to perform individual clicks and virtual keyboard for typing text. Home, back and recent buttons can be used for navigation and thus enforce complete control over devices. Click on the Stop button to end the remote session.

Check out the help doc on remote control to get more info.

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM