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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

Yes, there is.
You can create a dynamic group such that the desired devices will get automatically added to it. You can set certain filters while creating a dynamic device group. The devices that meet these conditions get automatically added to the group. You can group the devices based on IMEI number, UDID, friendly name and much more.
The devices will move in and out of the group based on these filters, during each group sync. The interval between these group syncs depends on the plan you have subscribed to.
Please follow the below steps for creating a dynamic group.

  1. Navigate to Manage-> Device Groups and click on New Dynamic Group. 
  2. Enter a group name and description.
  3. Add the filters based on which the grouping is done. You can choose whether the device should meet all or any of these conditions.
  4. Click on Preview button to see the list of devices that meet the specified conditions.
  5. Click Save Group to save the group details.

Need to know more? Check out Dynamic Device Groups.

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