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Hi Doro,

Did you reset the Google account password ? Device will prompt for the Password if the user change the password of the Google Account. It will immediately remove the contacts synced via the CardDav settings.

To avoid this please use App Specific Password instead of account password. Here is the link to know more on how to setup app specific password in Google Accounts.

Here are the steps to configure the CardDav configurations in the Policy.

  1. Login to Hexnode MDM.
  2. Click on “Policy->New/Edit the Policy”.
  3. iOS Settings->CardDav”.
  4. Provide the Account Description, hostname, port, principal url, username, password.
    1. For Google use the below details.
    2. Account Description: .
    3. Account hostname:
    4. Port: 8443
    5. Principal
    6. Account username: .
    7. Account password: .
    8. SSL: Yes

You can check out this link for more information on how the CardDav can be configured for iOS devices.

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